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Idea on How to Last Inside LEGO



Encapsulate Voice in LEGO tiles to test how long it could last and to send message to future generations.

Longevity, durability - how long can LEGO last?

LEGO build is a creation. It is also within my reach and according to some articles, LEGO could last really long time. Plastic decomposes hundreds of years but if stored properly, the durability could elongate.

Using the method that I wrote about in the previous post, it is possible to store an audio in a pixelated image. This way we only need to construct it out of any material that exists in various colors and has high durability. If we use LEGO, we would be able to read the voice from the build by scanning it's colors.

This is the outcome:

How to preserve presence on the planet

Send a message to future generations

It amazes me, the idea of 1000 years of existence. The past century gave us so many inventions that it changed humanity in a way we cannot yet comprehend.

I am wondering how would we look like in such a long time. Will we still be around? Meteorites? Wars? Maybe we will colonize other planets? Intergalactic voyages? Would we use LEGO in 1000 years? If so, how great would it be to listen to a message that was sent to us hundreds of years ago. It's like reading hieroglyphs but this time we would actually hear out ancestors.

What would you say to future generations?

Voice hidden in LEGO mosaic

Execution of MVP

In order to test this idea out I followed the following steps:

  1. Recorded the voice - I am saying the LEGO motto which is "Only the Best is Good Enough". It encapsulates well my job and what what we might want to say to our children.
  2. Generated the image with the voice.
  3. Generated the LEGO mosaic from the image.
  4. Rendered the mosaic (I do not have enough tile bricks to build it)
  5. Using my application we can decode the voice from the mosaic (once build).

The mosaic is made of 14112 elements in the current MVP state and holds just a few seconds of audio. The amount of tiles and/or colors could be decreased or increased depending on the needs.

I am using this technology to record voices of my loved once and bind them with the pictures like that:

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