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Podcaster 🎙️📝


This project connects a few threads together: heroku, podcasts/blog and open-source. It started as a simple page for my girlfriend that wanted to have some online presence. Apparently most of the templates I've found were either front-only or comercial only or blog-only.

The idea was to have just something small to see how the recording would be going and what people are interested in. Huge, astonishing and ready wordpress templates were out of the questions for 2 reasons: I don't know PHP and it should be free to start ( and host ). At the end you just want to try out the idea, not to throw 100$ for something you might later leave.

This is how the top of the home looks like now:

Do it yourself

If you want to have your own page like this you can do it in 1 minute via Heroku 1-click deploy button from the Repo on my GitHub. The requirements are:

  • Heroku account (Free) and (if you want to avoid paying 5$/month)
  • AWS Account with Free tier (Check the explanation on my repo)

Why the Open-Source?

The page you see above has a lot of things hardcoded ( Google Analytics, Icons, etc ) but mainly it lacks important, common functionalities like:

  • Comments
  • SEO Tags
  • Searching etc

All of the above are pretty simple to implement and I could do all of the currently opened issues myself. I will be doing myself since the initial page is going fine and needs more functionalities but I thought I will make it open and public.

If anybody wants to learn Django 2 by doing and contributing to something useful, that actually works then here is the opportunity :)

Contact me and start coding!


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